Woman say Dead Lover Stalking Her.


Bailey (Photo credit: Foreign Imagery)

The print depicts Minamoto no Yorimitsu exorci...

The print depicts Minamoto no Yorimitsu exorcising the evil spirit of Mount Oeyama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bailey (Photo credit: Chris Laird)

Bye Bye Boyfriend

Bye Bye Boyfriend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Boyfriend Is Type B

My Boyfriend Is Type B (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dead boyfriend won’t leave me alone! This is the cry of a 32-year-old woman who claims that her deceased boyfriend has caused the death of a toddler and the abrupt end to her romantic relationship.

Dionne Bailey* reasoned with THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday that since the death of 25-year-old Harry Jackson, her life has never been the same and she is now a nomad.

So acquainted is Bailey with his spirit, she now believes that the spirit is offering her protection.

Jackson was shot dead due to gun violence in Trench Town, St Andrew last September.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that since Jackson’s death, the young hairdresser, who has four children, has been suffering from sleepless nights, and a troubled conscience.

“I was living in a tenement yard at the time and right after he died people started complaining that they feel ill. He was everywhere in the yard. Him knock out a baby in di yard and di baby started to mess on himself. Dem carry him to the hospital but the doctors couldn’t find out what was the problem and he died,” Bailey reasoned.

According to Bailey, the mother of the dead toddler has blamed her for her son’s death. “Di mother of the baby said it’s my fault because if I never run into her house for rescue when mi boyfriend spirit a trouble me, her son would not have died,” she said.

Bailey, who also claims that she has been constantly moving since her boyfriend’s death, said that even her grandfather has told her not to come back to his house because of the spirit.

The spirit the grandfather told Bailey, has caused several persons in his household to be ill.

THE WEEKEND STAR also understands that Bailey’s sister also had a first hand experience with the spirit.

frankincense and myrrh

“Him make me sick already because just after he died him play up inna mi food and mek me sick. Mi notice one day my meal was slimy and me know say a him. Somebody told me not to go to the doctor cause I might die so I had to drink frankincense and myrrh for nine days to get better,” Joni Feron* told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Both women in separate interviews with our news team also complained about the spirit’s fiery pinches.

“Even one night since week when me a sleep mi feel like somebody come over me. When I wake up in the mornings my entire body sometimes full a pinch and swell up. I have a friend who I had to stay with because I was afraid and him pinch her up too. One of the pinches was so intense, the doctor even had to operate on her hand more than one time and they still cant diagnose the problem,” Bailey said.

THE WEEKEND STAR also understands that the spirit has even caused Bailey’s new romantic relationship to come to a premature end. “One day me and the guy who I was seeing at the time got into an argument and di spirit dream him and warn him off. My boyfriend at the time even complained that the spirit was moving his hand off my body when he would sleep with me. Me and him part ways from dat,” Bailey said.

Meanwhile, Bishop Joseph Ade-Gold of the Chambers of God International Church told THE WEEKEND STAR that the so called dead boyfriend’s spirit is an evil spirit.

“That lady has a demonic spouse who is following her around and that evil spirit doesn’t want anyone else around her. Those kinds of spirits may appear subtle but they are deadly,” the bishop said.

He further reasoned that Bailey’s case is not uncommon and, “The spirit can cause sudden death and other strange illnesses that doctors cannot diagnose. I would suggest that she finds a church that has a deliverance ministry so that she can get some help.”

The bishop believes that the demonic spirit has resurfaced in the form of Bailey’s dead boyfriend.

*Names changed


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