Men wearing Tight Pant’s Infertile.

Cameltoe and anatomy

Cameltoe and anatomy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Causes of infertility, data compiled in the Un...

Causes of infertility, data compiled in the United Kingdom 2009. Reference: Regulated fertility services: a commissioning aid – June 2009, from the Department of Health UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Peter Mayhew – Chewbacca (Photo credit: Scott Smith (SRisonS))

Track pants cameltoe (male)

Track pants cameltoe (male) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a woman wearing hot-pants (cut-offs)

a woman wearing hot-pants (cut-offs) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Studies on men wearing tight pant’s and infertility, with some doctors suggesting that the practice could be a contributor to low sperm count.
In 2009, Malaysian fertility specialist, Dr V Jeyabalan, in a study, blamed late marriages in women and tight pants in men, as the reason for the decline in Malaysia’s birth rate.

In the study, involving 30 couples seeking to have their first child, he said tight pants, and also the presence of petrol fumes and chemicals around their workplaces, generally reduce fertility among men.
Locally, Dr Leroy Harrison, president of the Jamaica Urological Society, said the testes hang outside the body to keep them cool, as cool temperature helps in the production of sperm, so theoretically, wearing of tight pants could heat up the scrotum and possibly contribute to low sperm count.
“So if people wear too many layers — if the guys have on underpants, shorts and pants, we think that it will increase the temperature in that area,” Dr Harrison said. “Tight pants are probably not loose enough to allow proper circulation and keep the area cool. So theoretically, it is possible. Tight pants probably help to keep the area warm by not allowing the best circulation.”
Dr Harrison said he would certainly advise men against wearing tight pants.
“If it is going to be tight, it is supposed to be of a certain material. The material is supposed to be able to breathe,” he said.
It is believed that more than 90 per cent of male infertility cases are due to sperm abnormalities like low sperm count, poor sperm quality, or both.
Urologist Dr Richard Mayhew said the problem of infertility in men is most times due to sperm quality.
“You can have a wide variety of things. You can have variation in the number of sperm… usually the concern is a low count — it can be low or the sperm can be completely absent.”
A sperm count of less than 20 million/ml is considered low.
“But if somebody comes in with low sperm count and they are wearing briefs, telling them to switch to boxers is not going to solve the problem,” Dr Mayhew said.
Dr Mayhew said one-third of the infertility cases he has seen are related to problems with the male partner, one-third are related to the female, and one-third are a combination of both.

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  1. You ought to never be ashamed of this problem, and numerous men close to the world suffer from it every single day. This really is the result of the emotions effecting you physically.

  2. Impotence in youthful males can cause further difficulties with low self esteem and other life problems in themselves as well as their relationships. But, perhaps because impotence is not some thing which is openly discussed.

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